Sunday, 13 December 2009

BBC broadcasts ‘Megrahi birthday congratulations’ smear

Paul McBride, prominent QC and an advisor to the Conservative party, launched an astonishing tirade including serious allegations against SNP Justice Minister Kenny MacAskill on the BBC’s Politics Show Scotland which was broadcast on Sunday 13th December

McBride’s comments followed a discussion on the release of Al Megrahi on compassionate grounds earlier this year.

McBride was asked his views on the release when he launched a quite astonishing attack that included claims that Megrahi was “still going strong”, that MacAskill “won’t tell us how strong he’s going” and that MacAskill had “never troubled himself to find out”.

However McBride may have overstepped the mark when he appeared to suggest that MacAskill would be happy to see Megrahi live for another year and might even send congratulations on his birthday.

McBride says on the programme:
“He shouldn’t have been released, he’s still alive, he’s well past his three month deadline now, he’s still going strong by all accounts. Although Kenny MacAskill won’t tell us how strong he’s going.”

“Apparently he’s never troubled himself to find out and we’re heading towards the Lockerbie anniversary.”

“And it will be very interesting if in a years time as we head toward the Holyrood election if he [MacAskill] is going to congratulate Mr Megrahi on reaching another milestone on his birthday.....I hope not.”

The broadcasting of such views and accusations are likely to cause embarrassment at BBC Scotland who were recently forced to apologise to the SNP’s Alex Neil following a broadcast by BBC reporter Catriona Renton.

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Anonymous said...

I didn't see the show but is anyone surprised by BBC reporting anymore. They are a disgrace to reporting. I am just so sick of it, no point in complaining to my MP as he's Labour and no bloody good anyway.

newsnet said...

I would urge to to complain. To do nothing is to allow the BBC to act with impunity.

I have been informed that the BBC are noticing complaints, they are certainly logged.

We never know what the future brings, it isn't beyond the realms of possibility for an inquiry into the BBC's partiality to demand to see these logged complaints.

Complaining online is very straightforward - feel free to copy and paste any of these blog articles or even cite them.

Robert said...

‘All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing’ said by: Edmund Burke

Get your complaint in Anon, while we can still do so. It may not always be thus.