Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Holyrood ‘Not A Government’ Claim Glasgow Council

The leader of Labour run Glasgow Council Steven Purcell has been accused of a ‘juvenile’ use of language after a leaked email indicated that council communications should now use the term ‘Scottish Executive’ instead of the widely accepted ‘Scottish Government’.

The internal email, sent on 25 November, informed staff that “all future communications should now refer to the Scottish Executive and not Scottish Government.”

Leader of the SNP opposition James Dornan said: “We receive papers regularly from Executive Directors with Scottish Government being used and just last Wednesday the Executive Director of Finance and all other Council officers and Senior Labour councillors present at the meeting I attended used the term Scottish Government.”

“This is all about Councillor Purcell positioning himself as the last outpost of defiance against the effective and still extremely popular nationalist government.”

Mr Dornan added: “Councillor Purcell has already said Labour in Glasgow is happy to take the food from the mouths of children to pay for a train no one wants. Juvenile use of language such as this is just another example of Glasgow Labour’s growing desperation to be seen as holders of the, wilting, red rose.”

A spokesman for Glasgow Council defended the move saying: “It would be wrong to say that we have a formal policy on this. However we are attempting to have some consistency in how we refer to the Scottish Executive and so we are trying to consistently use the phrase “Scottish Executive” as that’s what they are called in the Scotland Act.

The revelation heaps further pressure on Mr Purcell who is also facing allegations that Labour have been playing politics with teacher numbers in the city – the situation prompted the new Education Minister Mike Russell to contact Mr Purcell in order to arrange an urgent meeting to discuss the issue.

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